Sign In Solutions Upgrades Visitor Management Experience with Seamless Meeting Planning & Compliance Tools

Sign In Solutions Upgrades Visitor Management Experience with Seamless Meeting Planning & Compliance Tools

Sign In Solutions Upgrades Visitor Management Experience with Seamless Meeting Planning & Compliance Tools

The global software company, headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL, has integrated its three enterprise products to offer its most comprehensive visitor management solution yet

St. Petersburg, FL (September 12, 2023) – Sign In Solutions, the leading provider of cloud-based visitor management and risk mitigation software, has launched a new product integration that helps organizations seamlessly invite and manage guests, plan and execute meetings and ensure compliance in their workplace all through one platform.

The integration enables the turnkey use of the company’s three industry-leading products for enterprise organizations: Sign In Enterprise’s state-of-the-art visitor management software, Sign In Workspace’s leading-edge meeting room management tools and Sign In Compliance’s trusted security compliance and approval solutions.

“As we continue to build the next generation of visitor management, these integrations allow Sign In Solutions to provide one of the most comprehensive visitor management solutions on the market,” CEO Jeff Gordon said. “This upgrade will position our customers to thrive as workplace needs and expectations evolve.”

With the three products seamlessly interfacing with one another, Sign In Solutions customers gain access to a more efficient, secure and cost-effective visitor management experience allowing them to:
Plan meetings in one step: Users can easily book meeting rooms, arrange catering services, reserve equipment and send calendar invites to visitors all in one step from a computer, phone or tablet. (This feature can also be used for internal meetings, improving efficiency and collaboration).
Manage and prepare for visitors: Visitor data then flows into the hosting organization’s visitor management system, where visitors are pre-registered, so the front desk always knows who is onsite and who will be visiting next.

Easily ensure compliance: Organizations with complex compliance requirements can incorporate custom, automated security screening and approval workflows into the process.

Effortlessly welcome guests: Meeting hosts are notified upon a visitor’s arrival, allowing for a perfectly executed welcome experience with no down time for the guest.

“We believe the visitor experience begins long before a guest, customer, contractor or partner walks on site – it starts with the very first meeting invite,” said Chris Burton, Executive Vice President, Product Management. “By allowing hosting organizations to handle every aspect of the visitor management experience, from sending the initial meeting invite to the moment the visitor departs their facility, and everything in between, our software helps users reduce risk and impress visitors with a smooth, efficient, modernized experience.”

About Sign In Solutions:
Sign In Solutions is an innovative workplace enablement partner that goes beyond traditional visitor management, combining the comprehensive software and real-time analytics modern organizations need to mitigate risk, elevate experiences, and empower people. Launched in 2021 with funding from PSG, Sign In Solutions acquired Sign In App, Sign In Enterprise (formerly Traction Guest), Sign In Compliance (formerly ThreatSwitch), Sign In Workspace (formerly Pronestor), Sign In Central Record (formerly SCR Tracker), and Sign In Scheduling (formerly 10to8), expanding its reach to more than 70 countries and 18,000 sites worldwide. To learn more about Sign In Solutions, visit

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