Unsheltered: Voices from The Street Book Anthology Announces Call for Submissions

Unsheltered: Voices from The Street Book Anthology Announces Call for Submissions

Unsheltered: Voices from The Street Book Anthology Announces Call for Submissions

Award-winning 360° Nation has joined forces with award-winning All Things Wellness to launch a special Anthology Series; “Unsheltered: Voices from The Street”. This will be a one-of-a-kind “for good” versus for-profit series for and about the unsheltered, more commonly referred to as homeless. It’s time for their stories to be told by them and by those who can speak about and for them.

Joining this “for good” versus for-profit endeavor is David Berenbaum, a renowned affordable & fair housing advocate who will author the book foreword, and Renato Rampolla, a world-class photographer, providing authentic images. Quoting Renato:  “My lens draws close, deliberately focusing on their humanity rather than their circumstance. My portraits are not just about the dignity of the homeless but about you and me and our fundamental human needs of belonging, respect, love, and kindness.”


Dennis Pitocco, Chief Reimaginator, 360° Nation said: “Our quest is to rally our collective talent and resources to materially amplify the voices and visibility of the unsheltered population while breaking down the stigma associated with homelessness. We’re seeking storytellers, including those who are currently unsheltered/homeless; have been unsheltered/homeless in the past; affected indirectly/a degree removed from being unsheltered/homeless (family members, friends, co-workers, etc.); familiar with the personal and global effects of the unsheltered/homeless population, and; organizations and causes on the ground facing daily struggles with those who are unsheltered/homeless.”

Peggy Willms, Founder, All Things Wellness said: “It’s time to open our minds and our hearts by doing more and doing better, as together, we educate, raise awareness of, and dismantle the misconceptions about the many misunderstood souls living on the street, empowering each of us individually, and collectively to create change for good.”

360° Nation encompasses a publishing enterprise; the award-winning BIZCATALYST 360°, a multimedia enterprise; 360° Nation Studios, and a social enterprise, GoodWorks 360°. Our mission is to rediscover humanity at its best, by figuring out what the world is trying to be – and then help the world be that, be better, and be even more. We don’t do it all, but we do it all for good.

Peggy is an entrepreneur, author, host of The Coach Peggy Show, wellness retreat host, educator, and speaker. She is a certified personal trainer, sports performance nutritionist, and personal and executive health, wellness, and life coach for nearly 35 years. Her unique business and work-site wellness programs have also earned her multiple awards. Peggy has committed her life’s work to helping real people with real problems seeking real solutions who achieve real results and ultimately share their real stories.

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