From Rough to Refined: A Look at the Diamond Cutting and Polishing

From Rough to Refined: A Look at the Diamond Cutting and Polishing

From Rough to Refined: A Look at the Diamond Cutting and Polishing


Lab-grown diamonds are interesting, and if you saw your loose oval cut diamonds when they were first grown, they look very different from the finished product. So today we will compare prices across retailers for heart shaped diamonds, and take a look at the process for lab-grown diamonds from beginning to end, and some of this may surprise you as they are much cheaper than mined diamonds.

The search for oval-cut and heart-shaped diamonds is made easy at , by clicking on the button that takes the purchaser between mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. Another interesting fact is the high Google Business and Trust Pilot Reviews that rate 4.9/5, this is an excellent rating. The search site also covers the 4 Cs

  • Color
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Carat weight and certification

When you purchase your diamond, the Gemologist gives you a free GIA-certified diamond check and the 4 Cs buying guide that goes into detail about the 4 Cs. This is interesting as you learn a lot about diamonds and will find that lab-grown diamonds have exactly the same properties as mined diamonds as all diamonds are nearly pure carbon. Visit this site.

How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Made?

Two different methods are used to create diamonds in the lab. HPHT and CVD.

HPHT or high pressure, high temperature pretty much mimics the way it happens on the earth. In 1954 this method was first used by General Electric and has since been perfected. However, the equipment is a bit big for the average lab, and CVD is commonly used.

CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition is becoming the more effective way to grow diamonds in the lab. It starts with a crystal grown by HPHT that is inserted into a CVD chamber. Then gases mainly hydrogen and methane gas are pumped into the chamber

and heated by a microwave. The molecules split and move to cooler parts of the chamber where molecules rain down on the seed, this causes the diamonds to grow in layers. Once the product is grown it looks like a black rough cube, mainly due to the pure carbon. A laser is used to clean off the excess carbon and the diamond is then sent for post-growth treatment. All of this is very interesting, and the lab-grown and natural diamonds both have exactly the same properties and if you looked at them you would not notice any differences. However, when the Gemologist looks through the microscope, he/ she is able to tell the difference mainly due to the metal inclusions.

Rare Carat Website

Visiting the Rare Carat website makes comparisons easy when comparing prices across retailers for heart-shaped and loose oval-cut diamonds. One of the main surprises is that you are going to save so much money. When purchasing a heart-shaped pendant expect to get a much larger stone for the same budget. The lab-grown diamond is viewed as more sustainable because it is environmentally friendly to make. While you are searching the site consider some loose-cut diamonds as well, to use later in a ring.

Wholesale Diamonds

Wholesale purchasing gives the buyer the best possible price, and the only downside is that the resale value is less certain. However, if you plan to keep the diamonds that won’t be an issue. The value of diamonds fluctuates daily, so the price will vary anyway, and mined diamonds have mostly held their value over the years, so there is no reason why lab-grown diamonds shouldn’t do the same.

Diamond Color

When purchasing a lab-grown diamond you may notice a slight blue tint. This is a result of the trace element Boron being used in the chamber to remove the nitrogen. The blue tinge will look very pretty in a heart-shaped pendant. The color is fixed and won’t change further. Compare prices across retailers for heart-shaped pendants, at other outlets and you will find that Rare Carat will offer the best deal, mainly due to the fact that they have such a large volume of diamonds on their site.


Rare Carat carries out the whole process of diamond polishing from rough to refined. If you are looking for the ideal gift for a loved one, look no further as this is where the best deals are found.

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